Content Disclosure

We work hard to ensure your shopping experience at MarriedDance doesn’t include nudity or other content that doesn’t align with Christian values.

Some items such as lingerie or marital aids that are worn might include imagery that you’re not comfortable with on their packaging. Some examples are a woman wearing the lingerie being sold or a closeup of a breast wearing a pastie or nipple stimulator.

Products that have this type of imagery on their packaging will have Christian-friendly product photos on this website and a notice like the one below in their description.

Content Disclosure: This product’s packaging may include disfavored imagery. More details.

Why do you carry products with disfavored imagery on their packaging? I thought you were a “Christian-friendly” store?

For the first 10 years that we’ve been in business, we didn’t carry products that had any disfavored imagery on their packaging. This limited or prevented us from selling highly sought-after items such as lingerie.

We’ve been asked countless times to find a way to sell these items. So, we’ve decided to include a disclosure on each of these products. This transparency will ensure a safe shopping experience for everyone and allow us to carry a wider variety of marital aids and sex toys for you to enjoy.