Strip & Tease Couple’s Sex Game

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A whole new twist on card games! Fish, or Concentration with renewed excitement. Anticipation increases with each new hand, and pleasure is awarded to the winner. The initial object of Strip and Tease Sex Game is to get you and your lover stripped naked. Once in the buff, you can then take part in the many teasing foreplay activities. A naughty twist to your favorite card games.

3 reviews for Strip & Tease Couple’s Sex Game

  1. Jo (verified owner)

    This was really fun, my husband kept accusing me of cheating. It is a regular deck of cards with the strip or tease directions on the back, you choose an action from your winning hand. We played blackjack to move things along quickly. I had to jump on the bed while removing a piece of clothing, it was pretty fun. It’s not that expensive so I would recommend it if it sounds at all interesting to you.

  2. Ann (verified owner)

    We’ve enjoyed this card game. The suggestions on the cards are creative. It’s great to have several to choose from in your winning hand. I only gave it 4 stars because it didn’t come with any instructions for different face-card games to play where you end up with a winning hand. Since I’m not much of a card player, I had to search the internet to figure out what/how to play. Gin turned out to be pretty quick and easy so we’ve mostly played that.

  3. Casey (verified owner)

    I got these as a surprise for my wife, but when I got them I was surprised to find that the box, and each and every card, had a seductive cartoon of a stripper on it (different design entirely than the example shown in the picture above). So my wife went through and used a sharpie on each card, which was a bit troublesome. It seemed more promiscuous of a picture than was appropriate.

    Outside of that, the cards are creative, and tend to work well. We just play blackjack, which is simple and quick, and it’s handy to have the two options in the card – the top for disrobing, and the bottom for once you’re already disrobed.

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