Luv Rydr Sex Harness Positioning Aid


The Luv Rydr Sex Harness couple's sex toy by Luvrydr enhances intercourse by giving him better control and power during lovemaking. Doggy-style lovers will absolutely love this harness. It includes easy-to-clean adjustable shoulder straps that are cushioned for her comfort and easy to clean.

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How do I use the Luv Rydr Sex Harness sex toy?

The Luv Rydr Sex Harness can be used as a great Christian intimacy sexual aid by enhancing love-making by giving better support that enables more powerful thrusting and deeper penetration during intercourse. It comes in one size that fits most. The harness is cushioned for her comfort and cleans up easily.


  • The best intimate and pleasure sex harness on the market today.
  • One-size and fully adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Adjustable webbing on bar for varying leverage depths.
  • Cushioned for maximum comfort on front or back.
  • Leather design for easy cleaning.
  • Better control: enhanced oral sex, deeper doggie style, balanced missionary.
  • No batteries or charging necessary.
  • Explore the many positions, be creative and try something new!


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