Tri-It! Triple Point Clitoris Vibrator


Surround your clitoris with 3 points of deep, rumbling stimulation from Tri-It’s soft vibrating balls. The Tri-It! Charged by Screaming O is a powerful, rechargeable vibrator that’s made using soft silicone, is waterproof, and inludes a 2-year warranty.

Learn more about this marital aid’s features and functions below, or get tips on using a clitoris cuddler vibrator to enhance lovemaking in your marriage bed.


Tips on Using the Tri-It!

A few of our favorite, Christian tips on using this clitoris vibrator to further improve the quality of intimacy in your marriage bed.

  • Clitoral Stimulation: Press the marital aid against your clitoris during foreplay or while making love to your husband and enjoy breathtaking stimulation from its three vibrating points.

Get more tips on using a clitoris cuddler vibrator to enhance lovemaking in your marriage bed.

More Information

Three Points of Contact: TriIt! includes 3 soft, vibrating balls that surround your clitoris with mind-blowing stimulation. Use it to surround your clitoris with stimulation or directly stimulate it with one of the balls.

Powerful Vibrations: Try It! has a powerful motor that vibrates at a low frequency. Its deep, rumbly vibration penetrates deep and provides powerful stimulation. It also vibrates in 10 unique patterns and 10 speeds.

Pure Silicone: This massager is made using soft, smooth silicone that’s waterproof and easy to clean.

Rechargeable: It’s rechargeable via a USB cable and lasts around one hour on a single charge.

Waterproof: Playtime doesn’t always have to be in bed. This sex toy can be used while in the shower or tub. Its waterproof design also makes it much easier to clean.

2-Year Warranty: This product inclues a 2-year limited warranty.


  • Three points of vibrating contact
  • Powerful Positive motor features 20 functions of deep, rumbling vibration
  • 60+ minutes of vibration on a single charge
  • Made from lab-tested, body-safe True Silicone
  • USB charge cable included


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