Finger Tingles Waterproof Finger Vibrator


Slip your finger into Finger Tingles' hole and feel the tingling vibration travel through to the very tip of your finger! Learn more about the Finger Tingles vibrator below.

Learn more about using a finger vibrator to add intimacy to your marriage bed.


More Details About the Finger Tingles Vibrator

Slip your finger through the vibrator’s hole and feel the vibrations through the tip of your finger as you touch yourself or your spouse! Finger Tingles is great for adding clitoral stimulation during intercourse.

Tips on Using the Finger Tingles

The Finger Tingles is a great Christian sex toy for couples who want to add intimacy to their marriage beds. Here are a few popular tips on using this marital aid to enhance lovemaking.

  • Clitoral stimulation during intercourse. The wife uses the vibrator to send vibrators through her finger as she rubs her clitoris during intercourse.

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