The Bumper Deep Thrust Cushion


Add cushion for the pushin’ and limit penetration depth during sex so she’s more comfortable and he doesn’t have to hold back. The Bumper includes a super soft Thrust Buffer and Donut Buffer for added cushion and reduced penetration.

Learn more about this marital aid and its features below, or get tips on using a penis ring to enhance sex.

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Tips on Using the Bumper

Here are a few of our favorite Christian tips for using this thrust buffer to make sex more comfortable and enjoyable.

This is an excellent product for well-endowed men and their wives. A common issue men with large penises have is that they can’t thrust hard or deep without hurting their wives. The Bumper adds cushion and limits the penetration depth, so she can enjoy comfortable sex while he enjoys passionate thrusts.

  • Add Cushion: Wear the Thrust Buffer during sex to absorb the impact of hard thrusting passionate intercourse.
  • Limit Depth of Penetration: Wear the Thrust Buffer and Donut Buffer to absorb the impact and limit penetration depth for passionate sex without restraint.

More Information

Cushion for the Pushin’: The Bumper Thrust Buffer fits around the base of the penis and around the base of his testicles and provides a soft buffer for more comfortable sex.

Limit Depth of Penetration: The Bumper The Bumper Thrust Buffer and Donut Buffer provide even more cushion and limit penetration depth. This allows the husband and wife to enjoy more comfortable, passionate sex.

Super Soft Material: The Bumper is made of a stretchy, super soft material that feels great.


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