Return Policy

Because of the intimate nature of our products and for sanitary purposes, we do not accept returns. This is for the health, safety, and peace of mind of our customers and staff. This is the only way we can guarantee the items have not been tampered with. Any item that is designed to come into contact with any body part or fluid is non-returnable and by law non-resalable. This is a standard policy among reputable sex toy stores. Think about it this way, would you buy a vibrator from a sex toy store that takes returns?

If you’ve received a defective item, we’ll replace it with the same item, an item of similar value of your choice, or issue a refund. You’re not required to send defective item back to us.

What if I change my mind, and want to cancel my order?

Email [email protected] as soon as possible. If your order has not been filled, we’ll cancel it immediately and issue a full refund. If your order has already been filled, you’ll have to refuse the package, and we’ll refund your credit card minus shipping charges as soon as we receive the package.

Our Money Back Guarantee

All of our products are guaranteed to be in working order when they arrive. When you receive your package, promptly check the items to make sure they are in working order. If you have received a defective item or have an issue with your order, please email [email protected] as soon as possible. We’ll work with you to resolve your problem.

30 Day Warranty

All items are guaranteed to be in working order and are warrantied for 30 days after receiving them. Many of our premium items include a manufacturer warranty for up to 10 years. If the product includes a warranty, you should contact the manufacturer about receiving a replacement.

Before contacting us about a defective item, try this:

  • If your vibrator includes batteries, check for a battery-disabling pull tab, and pull it out if you find one.
    Example of a battery pull tab.
  • Make sure you’re using brand new batteries. Sometimes the batteries that are supplied with the products go dead. Switch them out with brand new ones.
  • Make sure you’re using the correct battery size. Products with small watch batteries require very specific sizes.
  • Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly. If a battery is inserted backward, some vibrators won’t work.
  • Make sure the endcap is completely closed. Many vibrators require the endcap to be closed completely to work.
  • Read the directions carefully. Using the more advanced toys can be confusing at first. They often come “locked” to preserve their batteries and avoid embarrassing you with a vibrating box.