Traditional Vibrators

Traditional-style vibrator sex toys have that smooth plastic non-phallic shape of early vibrators. They are perfect for beginners or couples who don’t want a realistic vibrator. Use them to stimulate external erotic zones like nipples, clitoris, and testicles during foreplay. They also provide great internal stimulation when you need it.

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Showing all 16 results

Quick Tips on Using a Traditional-Style Vibrator

Traditional-Style vibrators have the classic, cylindrical, non-intimidating shape that’s been around for a long time and are an excellent choice for a first-time sex toy user. These marital aids are also very versatile and can be used in a variety of foreplay or intercourse activities.

Foreplay: Use the vibrator to stimulate your wife’s nipples, clitoris, or g-spot alone or while giving her cunnilingus or manually stimulating her clitoris with your fingers or another massager. The wife can also press the tip of the vibrator against the skin between her husband’s testicles and anus.

Intercourse: Press the tip of the vibrator against your clitoris while having sex with your husband in a man on top sex position such as Right Angle 2 so you can come during lovemaking along with your husband.

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