Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t received a confirmation or shipment email for my order.

Check your spam folder or search for an email from [email protected]. Our confirmation and shipment emails occasionally get flagged as spam because of the nature of their contents.

When will my order ship?

New orders ship around 2 business days of being purchased under normal circumstances. Once you receive your tracking code, you will be able to track your package within 24 hours. It takes a while for USPS’s system to recognize the new tracking codes.

Some sex furniture pieces are made to order. They can take up to 2 weeks to ship.

My package hasn’t moved in a while. When I track it there are no updates from USPS.

Unfortunately, this is common and is caused by many things, such as weather, package volume, general bottlenecks, or third-party carriers.

The most common reasons are:

  • Third-party carriers needing to update where your package is in the system more often.
  • Packages are getting bottlenecked during a busy time of the year.
  • Bad weather in another part of the country.

Check current USPS, UPS, and FedEx service alerts for more information about shipment delays.

We can’t see any more information about where your package is than you can when tracking it.

Don’t worry, your package will arrive. Over 99% of our packages get delivered.

Is my shopping activity on Married Dance discreet?

Your shopping activity is as discreet as it can be. Here’s a breakdown of what’s discreet and what isn’t.

Browsing the Store

The connection and traffic between your phone or computer and our server is 100% encrypted, but your DNS queries may not be. DNS isn’t designed to be encrypted. New operating systems and DNS servers are starting to incorporate new encrypted DNS technology, but most devices don’t use the latest encrypted DNS technology out of the box as of this writing.

What does this mean? No one can see the content you’re viewing or products purchased at Married Dance, but network administrators at your work or Internet service providers can see that you visited Married Dance from the non-encrypted DNS query your device made to find and establish a connection with Married Dance.

Can I do anything about this? Yes. Here are two recommendations that make your Internet traffic to Married Dance fully discreet by encrypting DNS traffic.

Use Encrypted DNS [RECOMMENDED]: CloudFlare is a trusted company offering free encrypted DNS for iPhone, iPad, and Android users. Download the iOS or Android App to start encrypting your DNS queries. CloudFlare encrypted DNS is available for Windows and Mac computers or entire networks, but it’s a complicated setup that only experienced IT people should implement.

Use a VPN: Use Express VPN so that your home network, work network, or Internet provider can’t see any of your traffic, including unencrypted DNS queries.

A word of caution about using a VPN: For the most part, VPNs work fine, but they can cause problems when checking out and making a purchase. If you receive an error when checking out while using a VPN, you must shut down the VPN to make the purchase.

Email Communication

You’ll receive an itemized order confirmation email from us and PayPal when you place an order. We must send you an itemized order confirmation (receipt) as proof of purchase for warranty purposes.

PayPal is our credit card processor, and they also send an itemized receipt via email. This is a feature we can’t turn off. See PayPal’s privacy policy.

Will a record of my purchase show up in my PayPal account? If you use the grey “Debit or Credit Card” button to make your purchase, no. If you use PayPal, Venmo, or other buttons to purchase, yes.

When your order ships, we’ll email you an itemized shipping confirmation that includes your order’s tracking code(s).

Bank Statement

Transactions with Married Dance show up as MDANC COM PayPal on your credit card statement.


Orders are shipped in plain boxes or plastic poly bags that do not have any Married Dance branding or give away what’s inside. The return address is from “Shipping Department.”

Purchase History

Your purchase history is also safe with us. We do not share any of our customers’ purchases with anyone.

What makes the toys on your site “Christian?”

The sex toys we sell are not made specifically for Christians. We sell the same toys as other sex toy stores. The difference between Married Dance and other sex toy stores is our sex toy selection and how we display the toys. We don’t carry sex toys we feel are not helpful in lovemaking or contain nudity on their packaging. That’s what makes us a “Christian” sex toy store.

Who runs Married Dance?

A Christian husband and wife own and operate

Do you sell items that promote or participate in pornography?

We do not carry products that we’ve found to be linked to or promote porn. For example, we don’t carry toys branded “Fifty Shades of Grey” or items that are replicas of real people. We also don’t carry items with nudity on their packaging.

Do you sell products that are made using slave labor?

As far as we know, our products are not made using slave labor. We don’t have the resources to investigate every company we get products from thoroughly, so we must rely on what they tell us.

Why don’t you sell X?

There are different reasons why we don’t sell certain products. The reasons can range from the product’s packaging containing inappropriate images to toys that we feel are not helpful in lovemaking.

Do I need a marriage license to make a purchase on Married Dance?

A blog wrote a post criticizing us and noted that we probably require proof of marriage to make a purchase. That’s ridiculous. For the record, we don’t require a marriage license to make a purchase. We’re happy to sell anyone our products. We hope that our products are used in a loving way within marriage to enhance intimacy and bring couples closer together.

Will you send me unsolicited emails after I make a purchase?

Unless you sign up for our monthly newsletter, you will only receive three emails under normal circumstances for every purchase you make.

  1. Confirmation: The first two emails will confirm that we have received your order and it’s being processed. You’ll receive an itemized receipt from us and PayPal.
  2. Shipping Confirmation: The second email will arrive around two business days later and inform you that your order has been processed, shipped, and will include your order’s tracking code(s), so you can track your package(s).

After these three emails have been sent, you won’t hear from us again until the next time you buy something from Married Dance. We’ll never send you unsolicited emails trying to sell you more products.

Note: If you don’t receive any of these emails, check your spam folder.

Do any of the toys you sell contain phthalate?

As far as we know, no. We try very hard to make sure none of the toys we carry contain phthalate.

The sex toy industry is unregulated. Sex toys are categorized as “for novelty use,“ which means they have no actual use. They are not monitored by any regulatory bodies. But, we all know they do get actual use-often internal use, which means your body is coming into contact with them, often in some of the most porous areas of one’s body, so you need to be aware of what’s in your sex toys. Read more about this topic.

Is my credit card information secure through this site?

Yes. Credit card transactions are handled securely through PayPal, which is trusted by 110+ million people worldwide. You do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase on Married Dance. We accept all major credit/debit cards.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes. Orders over $100 receive free USPS 3-5 day First Class Mail shipping.

What type of packaging can I expect?

It depends on what you order. If you order one small item, it will probably arrive in a well-sealed white bag (USPS) or a small box. Multiple items will ship in a box. If your order has lube or massage oil, it will probably be sealed in their bag inside the shipping box to protect the other items from an accidental spill.

Liberator sex furniture is shipped via FedEx from Liberator. Some of their products are compressed to save space.

All of our packages are discreet and will never give away what’s inside.

Do you ship to PO boxes?

Yes, BUT at your own risk. If your package is too big for your PO box, some post offices will hold it for you, and others will refuse the package and send it back to us.

If your package is rejected by your post office and sent back to us, we’ll credit your credit card for the amount of your order minus the shipping. You’ll have to replace your order with us and have it shipped to your physical address.

How do I track my order?

About 1-3 business days after you have placed your order, you’ll receive an email notifying you that your order has shipped. There will be a link in your shipping confirmation email to track your order.

I only received some of the items in my order.

Your order was probably sent from multiple warehouses. The email confirming your order has shipped will include multiple tracking numbers. Track each package to see where they are.

Do you ship orders outside the US?

Not at this time.

How did you come up with the name Married Dance?

Married dance is a playful term my spouse and I sometimes use when talking about having sex.

Have questions?

If you have any questions about, please feel free to contact us.

Media Inquiries

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