Wedges & Shapes

Sex pillows and wedges support your body and prevent sinking into the bed while offering angles for maximum sexual satisfaction. The angled intimate positioning pillows allow for easy, exciting positions that are easier on your neck, knees, and back.

Check out’s collection of sex positions using Liberator products for inspiration.

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  • Inflatable Position Master

    Inflatable Position Master

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  • pd2174-00_4_1

    Ultra Position Master Sex Pillow

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  • Black Label Wedge

    Black Label Wedge

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  • cnvlib-11924102_3_2

    Liberator Hipster Sex Pillow

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  • cnvlib-14166280_2_2

    Liberator Jaz Motion Sex Pillow

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  • liberator-decor-heart-wedge-merlot_2

    Liberator Heart Wedge Sex Pillow

    4.00 out of 5
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  • 41w9wm_ggul_2

    Liberator 24″ Wedge/Ramp Combo Sex Pillow

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  • 61ym2g_o8rl._sl1500__1

    Liberator 24″ Wedge Sex Pillow

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  • 51ynx24tsrl._sl1000__2

    Liberator 24″ Ramp Sex Pillow

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  • cnvlib-14534-548_2

    Liberator Flip Ramp Sex Pillow

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  • decor_series_arche_wedge_-_merlot_2

    Liberator Decor Arche Wedge Sex Pillow

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  • spreaderbar_onwhite_claretleathercuffs_900x545

    Talea Spreader Bar

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Showing all 12 results