Focused Clitoral Stimulators

Focused Clitoral Stimulators, also known as pressure wave stimulators, provide the maximum clitoral stimulation possible. Some engulf your clitoris with gentle suction and touchless pleasure waves, and others provide direct, powerful clitoral stimulation. These marital aids are great for women who have difficulty having an orgasm or those who just want to have one or more climaxes quickly.

Get tips on using a pressure wave stimulator to enhance lovemaking in your marriage bed.

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Showing 1–16 of 38 results

Quick Tips on Using a Pressure Wave Clitoral Stimulator

Pressure Wave Clitoral Stimulators (also known as touchless or sonic wave stimulators) are a relatively new type of sex toy that’s quickly becoming a favorite for countless women. These marital aids “cup” your clitoris and engulf it with a combination of a gentle suction that draws your clitoris out and rapidly changing pulses of air pressure that produce the most intense clitoral stimulation possible from a marital aid.

Trouble Orgasming? No Problem. Women who have trouble orgasming are FINALLY screaming out in joy in their marriage bed with help from these fantastic marital aids. We get email from wives all the time thanking us for helping them become orgasmic (some of hadn’t orgasmed in 30 years!)

Need a Quickie? No Problem. These stimulators often bring a woman to orgasm within three to five minutes of use every time. This is a great shortcut for when a couple wants a quickie, and she usually takes a while to orgasm.

Need a Sure Thing? No Problem. The stimulation from the puffs of air is so stimulating that orgasm is almost a sure thing everytime it’s used. Go ahead, and try it for yourself.

Check out our post, “How-to-Use a Pressure Wave Clitoral stimulator” for more details about spicing up your marriage bed with help from a focused clitoral stimulator.