5 Facts Everyone Should Know About the Clitoris

You probably know by now that the clitoris is her door to pure ecstasy. Surprisingly, many people don’t fully understand what the clitoris is or how to stimulate it properly. Here are 5 interesting facts about the clitoris.

1. The Clitoris is BIG

The clitoris is much more than a little button. Internally behind that little button, the clitoris is about 3 inches long. It splits like a wishbone right where her g-spot is and connects to everything in her genitals and anus.

TIP: The most effective method to stimulate her clitoris is with a clitoral sucker. A clitoral sucker uses gentle suction and pulses of air pressure to stimulate the clitoris.



2. The Clitoris’ ONE PURPOSE Is to Give Her Pleasure

The clitoris is the ONLY organ whose SOLE PURPOSE is to give pleasure.

TIP: When stimulating the clitoris, start SLOWLY and gradually increase stimulation over time. A good vibrator will have multiple speeds, and really good vibrators vibrate in patterns and pulsate (look for vibrators that escalate and pulsate).



3. The External “Button” Of the Clitoris Has More Nerve Endings than the ENTIRE Penis

The clitoris contains about 8,000 nerve endings, TWICE as many as the penis.

TIP: The powerful vibration of a body massager applied to her vulva resonates deep into the internal parts of her clitoris and is almost guaranteed to give her an intense orgasm.



4. Her G-Spot Is Probably Part of Her Clitoris

We tend to think of the g-spot and clitoris as two separate things, but experts are starting the believe the g-spot is actually part of the clitoris.

TIP: Dual-action vibrators are specifically designed to combine g-spot AND clitoral stimulations delivering you to the king of all pleasure – blended orgasm.



5. Most Women Can Only Orgasm Through Clitoral Stimulation

Around 75% of women find it hard or impossible to orgasm without stimulating the clitoris, despite the excitement penetration can create. Only a lucky few can reach the “BIG O” from intercourse alone.

TIP: Vibrating penis rings deliver simultaneous hands-free stimulation to his shaft and her clitoris during lovemaking increasing your chances of orgasm during intercourse.



So remember, clitoris is NOT a bad or dirty word. God gave you a clitoris so that you can experience pure ecstasy. Stimulate and enjoy it.