We’re a Christian Sex Toy Store

Shop our carefully curated selection of sex toys for couples with confidence that your shopping experience is discreet and presented in a nudity-free, marriage-focused environment.

Can Christians use sex toys?

Vibrators, dildos, and other adult toys were not accessible for Christian couples in the past for a few reasons. Most adult stores contain nudity and pornographic material and promote activities and beliefs that don't align with Christian values. Vibrators are portrayed and marketed as masturbation devices instead of marital aids that add spice or enhance lovemaking. It's no wonder so many Christian couples are missing out on the incredible things sexual aids can bring to a marriage!

We’re VERY Different

Married Dance is not your typical romantic products store. It's run by a husband and wife team that sells most of the higher-quality products that other adult shops carry. This store doesn't contain nudity or porn, and its product descriptions are marriage-centered and include helpful information that suggests how each item can be used to add intimacy during foreplay or while making love with your spouse.

Our Beliefs

We believe God gave the gift of sex to married couples to enjoy together in an intimate, distinctive way only they can experience. Most couples never think twice about using lube for vaginal dryness or enhance intercourse. We believe pleasure devices can be used to improve intimacy during lovemaking just like lubricants do, and we describe how throughout this store.

Our large, diverse selection of marriage toys includes something for every couple.