Screaming O Dynamo Delay Black Label Edition Spray


Enjoy longer-lasting intercourse with help from Dynamo Delay Black Label Edition’s clinically-tested desensitizing ingredient Lidocaine. It’s made in the USA with FDA-approved indication to treat premature ejaculation.

Learn more about this marital aid’s features and how it can be used to prolong and enhance lovemaking in your marriage bed below.


Tips on Using Dynamo Delay Black Label Edition

Here are a few of our favorite Christian tips for using this male genital desensitizer spray to prolong and enhance lovemaking.

  • Improve Stamina During Sex: Spray a little on the underside of the penis before intercourse so it desensitized it and helps him last longer during sex.

Usage Directions

Spray one spray on the underside of the penis near the head before having sex, and wait a few minutes so the spray can soak in and create the numbing effect. Once the spray has dried, enjoy longer-lasting sex with your spouse and see how it goes. If more than one spray is needed, adjust the number of sprays needed before the next time you have sex. A little goes a long way.

More Information

New and improved formula of Maximum Strength Lidocaine 13% USP.

Clinically tested to be safe and effective for increased insurance during sex and prolong ejaculation.

Registered with the Food and Drug Administration NDC 69664-001-01.

150+ Sprays per bottle.

UPC: 817483013249


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