Saffron Love Strap


Wrap the Saffron Love Strap around your wife’s abdomen during doggy style or from behind sex positions, and pull back for better leverage that enables more powerful thrusts and excellent g-spot stimulation.

Learn more about this marital aid and how it can be used to enhance lovemaking below.


Tips on Using the Saffron Love Strap

A few of our favorite, Christian tips on using this love strap to further improve the quality of intimacy in your marriage bed.

  • From Behind Sex Positions: Wrap the love strap around the woman’s abdomen during rear entry sex positions and pull back on the straps as you’re thrusting into her. The added leverage created by the strap allows you to thrust harder, deeper and provides excellent g-spot stimulation.
  • Missionary: Use it to pull down on your husband’s butt for more powerful thrusts during missionary sex.
  • Oral Sex: Use the strap to pull down on your spouse’s head to control the pressure or depth during cunnilingus or fellatio.

More Information

Comfort: Its wide strap and padded grips are comfortable for both partners.

Faux Leather: The faux leather material is easy to clean and maintain.

More Control: This love strap provides extra support and leverage whether you’re standing, kneeling, lying, or a combination of these.

Easier on the Back: The love strap allows him to straighten his back during sex so there’s less strain put on it.

The Love Strap is approximately 42 inches in total length and 5.4 inches wide.


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