Important Information About Storing Sex Toys

How you store your sex toys between usage makes a big difference in their longevity. Follow these marital aid storage tips to ensure a long life for vibrators, dildos, and marital aids.

Don’t Let Them Touch: If sex toys that are made of different materials touch, they will react over time and become damaged. There are exceptions to this rule, but to be safe, don’t let toys with different materials touch.

We suggest putting each item in its own bag. We sell individual bags, but you can also wrap them in a hand towel or place them in a clean new sock during storage.

Battery-operated Toys: Rechargeable vibrators need to be used and charged at least once a month. If you don’t, their batteries will die and not be able to accept a charge. If your vibrator uses removable batteries, remove them during storage to prevent them from dying or leaking battery acid in the toy—more information about sex toy battery care and maintenance.