Helping Head BJ Helper

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The Helping Head Blowjob Helper adds stimulation while giving your husband a blowjob or a handjob. It can also be worn at the base of his penis during intercourse to restrict the penetration depth.

Learn more about the Helping Head sleeve and how to use it to enhance lovemaking in your marriage bed below.


How do I use the Helping Head BJ Sleeve sex toy?

Here are a few suggested Christian-friendly ideas for using this blowjob helper to spice up foreplay.

  • Fellatio: Use the Helping Head Blowjob Enhancer to add additional stimulation while giving your husband a blowjob. Push the sleeve down his shaft as you take it in your mouth and pull it back up the shaft as you move back up. Repeat.
  • Handjob: Use the stroker along with your hands to add additional stimulation while giving your husband a handjob.
  • Well Endowed Husband: Make sex more comfortable for you by having your husband wear the sleeve on the base of his penis so that it restricts the depth of penetration during intercourse. If the sleeve is too long, cut it to the perfect length for optimal penetration depth.


  • 2″ mini stroker
  • Handcrafted from ULTRASKYN, for The Ultimate Feel
  • Designed For Handheld Use During Fellatio
  • Plush internal massage beads for added stimulation
  • Proudly Made in America

UPC: 782421014186

3 reviews for Helping Head BJ Helper

  1. Rookie (verified owner)

    First time we have bought something to use for hj and/ or bj. Still testing it out to see if we like it, but so far it’s a pretty nice addition to a regular hj. Feels good and does what it says it will.

  2. momto4 (verified owner)

    This was mine & my husband’s first purchase of this kind. We have only used it once for both oral and manual stimulation during foreplay. I think my husband really enjoyed it & of course that was nice! I feel like he will want it to be incorporated into our marriage bed activities.

  3. cryptotrader2100

    I bought this off the sister site, but I thought I’d copy my review here to help others. Here it is: I think given that this is very inexpensive, it is worth a try. However, be advised that because it is very elastic, it likes to pop off and fly into the air (yes, it’s amusing) if not held down. I don’t know that it is really an improvement over the variable pressure and friction that a hand provides because the interior is almost too smooth. However, it does have the entire wrap-around feel that a hand can lack, and it could provide her with hand cramp relief because it gives a larger diameter to grasp. So I think it’s not necessarily amazing, but it’s worth a purchase at this low price.

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