Stroke Sleeve

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It is just waiting for you to add some lube and let its teasing ticklers, slightly ribbed walls give you feelings that just can’t be beaten! The sleeve is transparent so that you can watch your penis in action! Both ends are open for easy use and clean-up.


Thermoplastic Rubber TPR is a class of polymers, the characteristics of which mimic many of those of Silicone hygienic, soft, pliable, durable, non-porous. The sleeve measures 5.5 inches long. They are made using phthalate-free, non-toxic materials Thermoplastic Rubber TPR. Safe and pure phthalate-free as well as recyclable. A water-based lubricant is recommended. Always clean before and after use.

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3 reviews for Stroke Sleeve

  1. Anonymous Christian (verified owner)

    My wife and I have had hand appointments almost our whole marriage as something to give her a break if she did not want to have intercourse. The usual method of lots of lubricant by hand has not felt right as it did not feel natural or it made me feel raw afterwards. We still did it, but now it will be perfect. The only hand appointments will be with this stroke sleeve.

    I was concerned about the cheaper price compared to others offered here, but is works well.

    It feels like normal intercourse and the ribs inside hit the right spots when moved up and down.

    One bit of advice, lubricant needs to be added to your private before sliding it on and then added after on to the top opening. The more lubricant the more it feels like being with your wife in intercourse.

    It is easy for the spouse to use and even can be used in the shower with lubricant for less mess. Water is not enough by itself.

    The only hand appointments will be with this!

  2. Happy Customer (verified owner)

    This product made a hand appoint very nice. It feels natural and does not leave you feeling raw. It is as close as a hand job can get to real intercourse. Make sure you add lubricant to your private when putting it and afterwards inside the top of the sleeve. Slide it up and down to make sure it is the right amount of lubricant.

  3. deejstine (verified owner)

    I wasn’t very impressed with this sleeve. My wife have incorporated hand jobs into our sexual routine for most of marriage and thought this might be a fun toy to add some verity. This is the first sleeve that we’ve purchased, and it was not as stimulating as I had hoped. I prefer my wife’s bare hands (with lube of course), over this sleeve, but each couple will have there own preferences. It was a great price, but honestly we haven’t used it much.

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