The Best Sex Dice Game Ever!


It’s similar to a spicy version of Yahtzee. The Best Sex Dice Game Ever uses a combination of 5 die and cards to create the most fun and sexiest sex dice game ever.

Learn more about this sex game and how it can spice up sexy time.

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Tips on Using The Best Sex Dice Game Ever

Here are a few of our favorite Christian tips for using this sex game to bring you to new heights during sex.

  • Break Out of the Stale Sex Routine: Use this adult dice game to add variety to foreplay and intercourse!

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Game Play Instructions

How-to Play: Decide who rolls first. The first part of the game, the foreplay section, is played in order: KISS, TOUCH, LICK, FRONT, BACK, LOVE. Whoever rolls first must attempt to roll as many KISSES as possible and then record the number rolled. You have 3 rolls to try to get as many kisses as possible. With each roll, you remove the kisses and roll only the dice in an attempt to get SEX or as close as possible. Your spouse must also roll for KISSES. Whoever rolls the most KISSES in the round gets to draw a card from the KISS pile and act out the instructions on the card. Play continues in a round-for-round fashion until you get to the bottom of the scorecard, the SEX PLAY section. Each round of the foreplay section should end with a card being drawn and activity being performed.

In the SEX PLAY section, players can elect to roll for any possible scoring combination. As above, you have 3 rolls to try and complete an activity. For example, if a player can get three of a kind, they place a checkmark on the scorecard. If a player fails to get three-of-a-kind, they put a zero on the scorecard. If you roll SEX (5 of any kind), you get to draw a SEX card. If no one rolls SEX, the game-winner is the one who successfully more of the bottom categories. Once determined, the winning player draws a SEX card and acts out the card activity. In the event of a tie, both players choose a SEX card, and you double-down on the fun!

Notable Features

Compact Design: This game is compact, making it great for traveling or stashing away in your night drawer.

Felt-Lined Shaker: The inside of the die shaker is lined with felt, making gameplay a little quieter.

Clean Illustrations: The illustrations on each dice are Christian-friendly and straightforward.


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