ON Arousal Oil Sexual Enhancer

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One drop is all you need to add a powerful, warm, buzzing sensation and increase blood flow to your clitoris during foreplay or intercourse. ON Arousal Oil Scream Cream by Sensuva's botanical formula creates a warm, buzzing feeling that awakens your nerve endings and heightens your sensitivity.

Learn more about ON Arousal Oil's features, and get tips on using this sexual enhancer to enhance lovemaking in your marriage bed below.



Tips on Using the ON Arousal Oil

Here are some of our favorite Christian tips on using this sexual enhancer to improve the quality of intimacy in your marriage bed.

  • Foreplay: Apply a drop of the oil to your clitoris during the day to help get you aroused for a night of bliss. Apply a drop to your clitoris or nipples during foreplay for additional stimulation.
  • Intercourse: Rub a drop of oil over your clitoris before making love to your husband to add stimulation and increase blood during lovemaking.

More Information

ON Arousal Oil is a revolutionary female arousal formula made using botanical ingredients that create a warming, buzzing sensation that awaken your nerve endings and increase blood flow to the area.
This formula helps your body respond easier to physical stimulation and reach orgasm easier. It comes in a .17 fl. oz. bottle and three strengths.

Another wonderful benefit of ON Arousal Oil is that it may help some women increase their production of personal lubrication. This is very helpful for women going through hormonal changes, hysterectomy, or taking medications that make it hard to self-lubricate.


  • It is the most powerful formula available on the market
  • It creates a unique buzzing, vibration sensation on the clitoris
  • It is made of 100% natural botanical ingredients and essential oils
  • Medically endorsed by Dr. Jennifer Berman, MD
  • It is safe and pleasurable to use during cunnilingus
  • There is no menthol, L-Arginine, glycerin, or parabens
  • It does not dry out vaginal tissue


Proprietary Essential Oil Blend: Sweet Almond Oil, Cinnamomum Cassia, Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E); Silica, Natural Flavors, Rosemary Oil Extract

2 reviews for ON Arousal Oil Sexual Enhancer

  1. Donna

    Bought Ultra not worth it

  2. Doug

    We bought the Original first and my wife likes it – says it feels warm. We use a drop or 2, wait a couple of minutes like directions say. We’ve tried a few similar products and this one is best so far.

    • MarriedDance

      Thanks for the feedback, Doug!

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