Bijoux De Nip Nipple Halos


Adorn your breasts with these comfortable nipple halos. They’re also great for adding nipple and breast stimulation.

Learn more about this marital aid’s features and get tips on using it to enhance intimacy in your marriage bed below.



Tips on Using the Bijoux De Nip Nipple Halos

Here are some of our favorite Christian tips for using this nipple jewelry to spice up sexy time with your husband.

  • Highlight Your Breasts: Adorn and highlight your breasts for your husband during foreplay or intercourse.
  • Enhance Breast Stimulation: These nipple halos gently squeeze and rub over your breasts to generate hands-free breast and nipple stimulation during foreplay and sex.

More Information

Body-Safe Loop: The loop is made of soft, smooth silicone that comfortably loops around your nipple.

Adjustable: Control the tension by raising or lowering the bead to fit as loose or tight as you’d like.


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