Luna Beads Pelvic Exercisers


The Luna Beads Pelvic Exercisers women’s sexual toy by Lelo gently and discreetly vibrate in response to your body’s movements. At the same time, the weighted beads help strengthen your pelvic floor for more satisfying orgasms.


How do I use the Luna Beads Pelvic Exercisers sex toy?

The Luna Beads Pelvic Exercisers can be used as a great Christian intimacy sexual aid by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles for more satisfying orgasms. They come with two pairs of weighted balls. Insert the lighter pair of beads into your vagina and squeeze to hold them in as long as you can. Many people do things like chores and hot dates with the beads inserted. The weighted ball inside the beads vibrates with your movement for extra stimulation while you wear them. No batteries needed!

Luna Beads’ smaller diameter is meant for women who have not given birth.

Ensure your beads and all of your marital aids have a long productive life by thoroughly cleaning them after every use. We highly recommend using antibacterial sex toy cleaner or warm water and soap to clean your marriage toys and let them air-dry overnight.

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