Liberator Fascinator Waterproof Throw Travel Size


The Travel Size Liberator Fascinator Waterproof Throw is large enough to protect bedding or furniture from personal lubricants and other sexual liquids but small enough to travel with.

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Learn more about this marital aid’s features and tips for increasing intimacy using this waterproof sex blanket below.

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Tips on Using the Travel Size Liberator Fascinator Throw

Here are some of our favorite Christian tips for using this waterproof sex blanket to protect your bedding or furniture from wet, messy sex.

  • Worry-Free Sex: Enjoy hot, messy sex without worrying about sleeping or sitting in a wet spot afterward. Cover your bed, furniture, floor, or ground with the waterproof Fascinator Throw sex blanket and protect them from lube, squirting, period sex, and all other liquids.

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Super Soft: Its super-soft micro-velvet cover is machine-washable, soaks up liquids, and feels great against your naked skin.

Moister Barrier: The Fascinator Throw has an inner moisture barrier that prevents liquids from passing through, ensuring your bedding or furniture stays wet-spot-free during sex.

Machine Washable: We recommend washing it three times before using it. Liquids tend to bead on it until it’s been washed a few times. Liquids will soak in after washing it a few times.

Size: 53 inches long by 36 inches wide

Made in the USA

Compare Liberator Fascinator Throw Sizes

Liberator’s Fascinator Throw is available in four sizes: mini, travel, regular, and king. Below is a picture of all Fascinator Throws laid next to each other on a bed so you can compare sizes and pick the perfect size for your needs.

Liberator Fascinator Throw Sizes Compared
Liberator Fascinator Throw Sizes Compared


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