Sheets Of San Francisco Fluidproof Fitted Sheet


Sheets of San Francisco Waterproof Fitted Sheets protect your mattress from fluids and wet spots during wet and wild sexual encounters. The durable, 2-ply fitted sheet is made of engineered fabric that feels like rubber infused with silk and is waterproof and breathable for maximum protection and comfort.

Learn more about this waterproof fitted sex sheet and tips for enhancing intimacy in your marriage bed using it below.

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Tips on Using the Sheets of San Francisco Fitted Sheet

Here are some of our favorite Christian tips for using this waterproof rubber-feel sex sheet to protect your bed during wet and wild sex.

  • Care-Free Sex: Enjoy the freedom of wet and wild sex without worrying about getting personal lubricant or other fluids on your mattress during foreplay and sex. This waterproof, rubber-feel sheet is fantastic for squirters and gives them the freedom to let go and enjoy making love to their husband.

More Information

Unique, Tactile Feel: The material Sheets of San Francisco is made of is fantastic and feels like rubber infused with silk.

High-Quality Fabric: It’s manufactured from 2-ply engineered durable fabric that looks and feels incredible.

Waterproof: Protect your mattress from personal lubricant, squirting, or period sex.

Seamless: The top surface doesn’t have a seam, which makes it more comfortable, durable, and great-looking.

Breathable: The breathable nature of this fabric makes it feel cooler and extra comfy.

Machine Washable: When you’re done having wild, wet sex, wash the sheet in the washing machine on a regular, warm cycle.

Queen Size: 78 inches by 59 inches and 10 inches deep

King Size: 78 inches by 74 inches and 10 inches deep

Made in the USA.


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