Bloom Intimate Body Pump


Increase the sensitivity of your vulva, clitoris, or nipples by drawing blood to the area using this intimate body pump. It has four interchangeable cups, automatic suction, an ergonomic handle, and rechargeable.

Learn more about this marital aid’s features and tips to enhance intimacy in your marriage bed below.

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Tips on Using the Bloom Intimate Body Pump

Here are some of our favorite Christian tips for using this nipple, vulva, or clitoris pump to enhance lovemaking.

  • Increase Sensitivity: Use the Bloom Intimate Body Pump during foreplay to create a suction over your entire vulva, part of your vulva, clitoris, or nipples to draw blood to the area and increase sensitivity.

For best results, make sure the area being stimulated is cleanly shaved. Also, apply a little water-based lube to the cup’s rim to help create a good seal.

More Information

Interchangeable Suction Cups: The Bloom Intimate Body Pump sex toy includes four interchangeable suction cups that follow the natural curves of a woman’s body: two large cups for your vulva, one for your nipples, and a small cup for your clitoris.

Automatic Suction: This marital aid automatically creates a suction with a press of a button. The suction can be completed in seven suction functions.

Vibration: Bloom has a vibration feature that vibrates the cup’s rim in seven vibration patterns for extra stimulation to help build sexual excitement.

Individually-Controlled Suction and Vibration: Independently control its vibration and suction patterns.

Removable Soft Silicone Rims: Removable soft silicone cup rims make cleaning easy.

Ergonomic Handle: The curved handle is comfortable to hold and control the stimulation.

Air Release Button: Press the air release button when you’ve had enough to release the vacuum quickly.

Rechargeable: It’s rechargeable via a USB cable and lasts up to 90 minutes on a full charge.

Water Resistant: It’s not submersible, but it can take some lube or other fluids that might get on it.

Storage Bag: Bloom includes a storage bag for safe, discreet storage.


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