Satisfyer Endless Love Vibrating Ring

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The unique shape of this versatile vibrator allows you to use it to stimulate several erogenous zones during foreplay or intercourse. The Satisfyer Endless Love is rechargeable, waterproof, made of silicone, and includes three vibrators that vibrate independently.

Learn more about this marital aid’s features and functions below, or get tips on using a vibrating penis ring to enhance lovemaking in your marriage bed.

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Tips on Using the Satisfyer Endless Love

Here are some of our favorite Christian tips on using this vibrator to improve the quality of intimacy in your marriage bed.

How to Use the Satisfyer Multifun 1
How to Use the Satisfyer Multifun 1
  • Penis Stimulation: Gently press the arms against the underside of the tip of your husband’s penis during foreplay. The husband can also wear it around the base of his penis with the main stimulator near his testicles during intercourse.
  • Clitoral Stimulation: Straddle her clitoris with the tips of the two arms and stimulate it during foreplay or intercourse or flip it around and use the main vibrator to stimulate it.
  • Intercourse: Wear the vibrator around the base of your penis so that it stimulates your testicles and her clitoris while having sex.
  • Nipple Stimulation: Straddle her nipple with the two arms of this massager and stimulate it.

Get more tips on using a vibrating penis ring to enhance lovemaking in your marriage bed.

More Information

Satisfyer’s Endless Love Vibrating Ring is made of smooth silicone and includes two flexible arms. It’s rechargeable and consists of three vibrators, one in the main body and the other two in the tips of its arms. The main body’s vibrator and arm vibrators vibrate independently from each other. Each set of motors can stimulate in ten breathtaking patterns.

5 reviews for Satisfyer Endless Love Vibrating Ring

  1. Dan (verified owner)

    Best one for increased sex drive for wife. Has equaled the field in terms of having an orgasm. The best part is that sex can happen while both enjoy the aid. 10/10 for satisfaction. Our first sex toy and it seems like we don’t need another any time soon!!

  2. Nikki (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved this, right up until it stopped working. Fortunately the manufacturer was willing to replace it because it was within warranty (something I thought would comfort future buyers). I knock a star off because the replacement we got did not vibrate at the same speed as the old one. It was much, much faster. This made no difference to my husband, who still very much enjoys it, but for me it became incredibly uncomfortable to use. Now it’s mostly a “him” toy and not a “she” toy. Still well worth the money, as it’s fun to use and the company stands by their products. 🙂

    • MarriedDance

      Thanks for your review, Nikki! We’re sorry the “improved” version is too powerful for your liking.

  3. Satisfied Spouse (verified owner)

    2nd one purchased for back up but the first one is still going strong- only gripe is the charging set up. If the silicone moves a little on the device, it can be very frustrating to get the charge to occur. 15 year warranty on the device though so that’s hard to beat!

    • MarriedDance

      Thanks for the feedback! Make sure to use the backup one, too. If it sits unused for too long, its battery life will diminish quickly and eventually stop charging.

  4. Nickie (verified owner)

    This simple vibrator changed my husband and I’s sex life for the better. I wish I found this sooner! It slows him down and allows me to reach orgasm so much quicker. We’ve often been able to have simultaneous orgasms because of that. My only gripe is that it doesn’t give you a warning when battery is about to die. We’ve had some instances when we are in the middle of sex and it dies. Plan to purchase a backup for those days.

    • MarriedDance

      Nickie, we’re so excited you and your husband found a marital aid that’s helping both of you enjoy sex more! Having a backup would be okay, but being intentional about always charging it after use and topping off the charge every week or so when it isn’t used will keep it from running out of juice mid-session.

  5. Nate (verified owner)

    This is only the 2nd vibrator we’ve tried, so not a lot to compare it to, but we have enjoyed it and are glad we made the purchase. It seems well made, the vibes are nice, and it is fun for us to experience the extra stimulation together. Our favorite part is that it is wearable and allows us to still use our hands for other things.

    • MarriedDance

      Thanks for your review, Nate!

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