Tantus Dill Drive Smooth Girthy Dildo


Tantus Dill Drive’s girthy head and smooth shaft stimulate your g-spot while giving you a full feeling during foreplay. This dildo has a medium firmness, is made of high-quality silicone, and is made in the USA.

Learn more about this sex toy’s features and functions and get tips for using this dildo to enhance foreplay below.


Dill Drive Features and Functions

Body-Safe Material: This marital aid is made from ultra-premium silicone that feels great against your skin.

Dildo Features: The Dill Drive dildo has a large round head that’s bigger than most penis heads. Its shaft is smooth and has the girth of the average penis.

Medium Firmness: This dong has a medium firmness. It’s not squishy to the touch and can be bent a little.

Made in the USA

Size: Get help picking the right size dildo for you.

How to Use the Dill Drive Dildo

Here’s some inspiration for using this dildo to enhance intimacy during foreplay with your spouse. Learn more about how Christians should use sex toys in a moral way.

Enhance Foreplay: Use the Dill Driver dildo’s pronounced head to stimulate your wife’s g-spot during foreplay. Use this dong on its own or while manually stimulating her clitoris with your fingers, a vibrator, or your tongue.

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