Super Head Honcho Stroker

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The Sue Johanson Super Head Honcho sleeve is made using ultra-soft, stretchy TPE that feels amazing against your skin. It’s 6.5 inches long, open-ended, and can accommodate any size penis.

Learn more about this marital aid’s features and how it can be used to spice up foreplay in your marriage bed below.


Tips on Using the Super Head Honcho

Here are some of our favorite Christian tips for using this stroker to bring you to new heights during foreplay.

  • Give your hand or mouth a break during foreplay, and use this handjob sex toy on your husband instead. Generously apply water-based lube to his penis and then slowly lower the stroker onto him. Start with slow long strokes, and increase speed as needed.

More Information

Super Soft Material: It’s made of an ultra-soft and stretchy TPE material that feels amazing against your skin.

Extra Length: This marital aid is 6.5 inches long and is open-ended so that it can accommodate any size penis.

Tight Fit: The Super Head Honcho fits tightly around his penis and has a wonderful texture that feels great.

Easy To Clean: Run warm, soapy water through the sleeve to clean and let it fully air dry after every use.

Storage Instructions: Wrap this sex toy in a lint-free towel during storage.

UPC: 716770051264

7 reviews for Super Head Honcho Stroker

  1. Terri

    What does this actually do once you put it on him?

    • MarriedDance

      It feels similar to a vagina and mimics the sensation of intercourse. Move it up and down to simulate the feeling of intercourse.

  2. Baker

    Can this be used during intercourse?

    • MarriedDance

      No. It’s too long to use during intercourse.

  3. Preacher man (verified owner)

    My wife and I both have health issues which makes intercourse difficult at times. This sleeve is a great addition to our sex life. It is easy to grip with arthritis, is soft and stretchy, and it gives good stimulation. It has a different sensation when you hold a finger over the hole at the end. I highly recommend it.

  4. Dr. Smith (verified owner)

    My husband says he ultimately prefers the feeling of my own body, but does enjoy this toy for foreplay, especially if he’s very tired and needs some extra time to get hard. Feels best with tons of lube, then we often switch to actual penis in vagina mode once he’s erect. We don’t use it often, but it’s nice once in a while to mix up the routine or to give him extra help on the rare occasions he isn’t easily turned on.
    This has been even more valuable on occasions where I needed a break from intercourse, namely during a yeast infection. (This sleeve for him and a little vibrator for me, that way there’s nothing irritating the internals). This could be a great way for husband and wife to still have sexy time together and give each other pretty satisfying orgasms, even when actual intercourse isn’t an option that day for whatever reason.

  5. Meghan

    This item was just okay. We used it a couple of times and then the texture felt really weird and icky (and yes, we washed it after every use). It even ripped on one side. Overall, I think there may be better products out there.

  6. loveinjune (verified owner)

    This has been a fun addition for us. We added this to our cart in our first Married Dance purchase when we were first exploring the website together a few weeks ago. The site was recommended on the Heaven in Your Home podcast and we originally heard the episode on “Sex Toys & Vibrators”. And then we realized there some things that I could use too. This seemed like a highly recommended product and reviewed often so I went with it. It cleans easy and it goes well with what we keep in our love box now. I keep this around with the “Goin Down BJ Helper” and a RingO. It has already been the topic of conversation and laughter many times for us, when I was able to finish while she was using this on me. We didn’t know where it all went and it was an explosive orgasm for me and we laughed for a long time afterwards. There’s an opening at the end so it doesn’t have to get messy in the sleeve. Cleaning is easy and I keep it along with the other items mentioned wrapped in a towel and hidden in small breadbox in our bathroom in between uses.

  7. Nikki (verified owner)

    Unfortunately this just didn’t work for my husband. We tried it multiple times and tried different motions, but it actually decreased feeling not increased it. Very confusing because in principle it should work just fine…. but it didn’t. Besides it not being the right, uh, “fit” for us, it’s difficult to clean the inside.

    Oh well, it was worth a try!

  8. Gary P (verified owner)

    It tends to start splitting around the entry easily.

    • MarriedDance

      Thanks for your feedback!

  9. Emerald

    Enjoyed the feeling for masturbation, but it split out the sides with just a few uses. I went thru 2 of them before deciding to use something more durable.

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