Sheets & Ladders Bedroom Sex Game

Sheets & Ladders is your new favorite sexy foreplay game. Try to get your partner as aroused as possible! You roll a die, land on a square, and take turns following the prompt. It’s simple to set up, and fun to play. Can you see the smile on your partner’s face when they head to bed and find your surprise? A sexy game you made just for them! Make fun & spicy memories together. Over, and over, and over again.

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$49.99 – 59.99

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Included In the Game

  • Luxurious 300 thread count, 100% Cotton fitted sheet with a Sateen finish for a silky smooth feel. Fitted sheets are available in Queen and King sizes.
  • Four colorful, washable markers
  • Instructions card with your unique code to unlock hundreds of foreplay ideas you can add to your Sheets & Ladders game

How to Prep

  1. Put the fitted sheet on your bed.
  2. If you want, fill in the blanks squares with foreplay ideas using the included washable markers. Or use the app for prompts!
  3. Make the bed & cover up the game for a sexy surprise!

How to Play

  1. Pick an intimate item to use as your game piece, such as a condom, a pair of panties, a small toy, etc. Both of you share one game piece. You move around the board together.
  2. Take turns to roll a die and move forward in that many spaces.
  3. Use the app to roll the virtual die (included with your kit).
  4. Or get your own die to roll. Pro tip: move ahead 1 to 3 spaces at a time. If using your own die, have 4, 5, and 6 move forward 1, 2, and 3 spaces respectively.
  5. Do the action written on the square you land on.
  6. If you come to a square connected with a ladder, you can choose to either climb the ladder or do the action written on the ladder. Ladders work in both directions!
  7. Get as aroused as you can and enjoy the ending!


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