Aloe Cadabra Organic Personal Lubricant

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Experience Aloe Cadabra’s all-natural formula that provides a silky smooth glide while it nourishes your body. It’s water-based, edible, pH balanced, and FDA cleared.

Learn more about this marital aid’s features and how it can be used to enhance intimacy in your marriage bed below.

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Tips on Using Aloe Cadabra Organic Lubricant

Here are a few of our favorite Christian tips for using this personal lubricant to enhance lovemaking.

  • Foreplay: Use Aloe Cadabra while giving your husband a handjob, manually stimulating your wife, or adding flavor while giving her cunnilingus.
  • Intercourse: Aloe Cadabra’s silky feel and smooth glide enhance sexual intercourse for both of you.

More Information

FDA Cleared for your safety.

Made With Quality Ingredients: Aloe Cadabra lube is formulated using 95% organic aloe vera, and the other 5% consists of a unique blend of natural ingredients.

Feel the Difference: This lube has a luxurious, silky, smooth glide that feels great during foreplay and sex.

Nourishes: It’s pH balanced, rich in essential vitamins and nutrients, and conditions and hydrates your private bits.

Edible: Since it’s made of natural ingredients, this lube can be ingested. Use it while giving your wife cunnilingus or turn a handjob into a blowjob.

Sex Toy Compatible: Aloe Cadabra is water-based, so it’s compatible with all vibrators and dildos.

Size: 2.5 oz

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Vitamin E Oil (Mixed Tocopherols), Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Food Grade Sodium Benzoate, Food Grade Potassium Sorbate, Organic Vanilla Planifolia Concentrate

3 reviews for Aloe Cadabra Organic Personal Lubricant

  1. juriport

    We purchased the pina colada and the vanilla and we both think it tastes great. I also like it has nothing like sugars that can cause yeast infections either. We are happy with the purchase

  2. Hubby

    This is our 4th time to order Aloe Cadabra Peppermint Tingle! Wonderfully consistent results with and longer lasting lubrication than we’ve seen from other water-based lubes. The cooling is prolonged and helps with buildup without being overbearing. Highly recommmfed!

  3. R.P.

    The true test of something is if you order again when you run out, and I’m getting ready to order again! We originally ordered piña colada but my hubby wasn’t into the smell, so this time I will order unscented. We love that this lube does its job well and is not sticky! It worked well with our toys.

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