Sliquid Organics Natural Water-Based Personal Lubricant

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Sliquid Organics Natural is the base formula for the entire Sliquid Organics line of products and is the purest botanically infused lubricant available. It is the equivalent of H2O from the Naturals line.

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Our clean and simple, water-based organic formula. 8.5oz

Like all Sliquid products, Organics Natural is entirely glycerin and paraben-free and contains no sugar derivatives. Sliquid Organics Natural was created using only the most natural and cleanest ingredients. This lubricant is designed to keep your most intimate areas soft and moisturized while healing and soothing your skin. Sliquid Organics Natural is water-based and water-soluble, making it extremely easy to clean up. It will not become sticky or tacky because Sliquid Organics Natural is designed to emulate your body’s natural lubrication.

Organics Natural Ingredients: Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Aloe Barbadensis*, Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Extracts of Hibiscus*, Flax*, Alfalfa*, Green Tea* & Sunflower Seed*, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

* USDA Certified Organic

UPC: 894147000463

1 review for Sliquid Organics Natural Water-Based Personal Lubricant

  1. Andy (verified owner)

    I am completely blown away by this product. It is SUPER slippery but does indeed quickly and easily wash off with water. In fact, I’ve not bothered to wash it off a few times and it just (I guess) absorbs and since it is organic, I’m good with that. BTW, I use this for shaving “down there”, too (been doing that for decades as it reduces sweaty nastiness – I’m a really hairy dude!) – excellent for this. Razor glides easily. (I hope this isn’t too descriptive/graphic for this site).

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