The Honeymoon Course

Are you ready for the honeymoon you always dreamed of? Start your marriage (and your sex life!) off on the right foot with The Honeymoon Course! | taught by Sheila Gregoire

Learn more about this online course and how it can help you make the best love you can make below.


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Are you nervous that the wedding night won’t live up to all the hype? Scared that you won’t know what to do? Or that you won’t live up to expectations?

You’re in the right place! In this course, you’ll learn how to make sex the best it can be on your honeymoon (even if you have baggage!), and how to plan the kind of honeymoon that will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated, and feeling closer than ever.

You’ve put so much thought into the wedding. Let me help you plan the honeymoon so you start your marriage well!

I’ll dispel the nervousness and questions you may have.

  • What to expect with sex (even if it’s not your first time).
  • How to make sex feel good–including videos to help your fiance start well right out the gate.
  • Even about how to handle family planning and birth control!

And I’ll show you why you have to deal with baggage NOW–and walk you and your fiance through some steps to give you both a fresh start. Plus our checklists will make sure you plan the honeymoon that’s right for you so you don’t end up sunburned, exhausted, or broke!

The Honeymoon Course will teach you:

  • The 5 different honeymoon types, and which is best for you
  • The biggest mistake people make on their honeymoon that can affect your sex life negatively for years–and the one little perspective shift that makes all the difference
  • What you need to know about your body so that sex works as planned–and what to do if it doesn’t
  • How to work-family planning into the honeymoon–no matter which forms of family planning you choose (and we’ll help you make the right choice for YOU!)
  • What you simply must take on your honeymoon—including the one thing nearly everyone forgets!
  • And why you need to have some hard conversations about baggage and expectations before the wedding (but don’t worry! The videos will help you have those conversations, too!)

Each Module in the Course Has:

  • A funny and informative video
  • An activity to do with your fiance to help your honeymoon rock
  • Checklists so you can easily make sure you’re not forgetting anything important

And the Course walks you through:

  • What to expect from sex (even if it’s not your first time)
  • How to plan the perfect honeymoon
  • Tips to start your married sex life well–without the pressure, the awkwardness, or the deadlines
  • And then a special module to do on your honeymoon to help you have fun and get to know each other even better


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