Liberator Fascinator Waterproof Throw Regular Size

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The Liberator Fascinator Throw Regular Size sex blanket creates a soft playscape that protects your bedding or furniture from your wettest erotic adventures.

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More Details About the Liberator Fascinator Throw Regular Size

This supremely plush throw is specially designed to create a soft, delicate playscape for your wettest erotic adventures while the inner barrier keeps your bedding or furniture dry. Both sides have an extraordinarily soft velvish, making it a reversible, versatile, and a titillating sex-scape. An inner moisture barrier ensures your bedding or furniture stays spotless. Toss it on top of sheets, sofa, and any fancy home furnishings that you want to shield from your throes of passion. When you are satisfied, simply throw it in the wash.

Decor Fascinator Throw Highlights

  • Both sides are extraordinarily soft.
  • Inner moisture barrier ensures your bedding stays spotless.
  • Discreet for travel and merging with your current bedding.
  • Perfect for catching female ejaculation, male ejaculation, and lube.
  • Machine-washable.
  • Measurement in inches: 72L x 54W

Compare Liberator Fascinator Throw Sizes

Liberator’s Fascinator Throw is available in four sizes: mini, travel, regular, and king. Below is a picture of all Fascinator Throws laid next to each other on a bed so you can compare sizes and pick the perfect size for your needs.

Liberator Fascinator Throw Sizes Compared
Liberator Fascinator Throw Sizes Compared

2 reviews for Liberator Fascinator Waterproof Throw Regular Size

  1. Mike B.

    This blanket has really been fun. It is extremely comfortable and sexy on the skin and ads a bit of intimacy to our time in bed. Great that it keeps our bedding nice and clean. Even lets us be a bit more daring, knowing that the blanket will protect the bedsheets. Winner winner.

    • MarriedDance

      Thanks for the feedback! We agree, the sense of freedom it gives you really spices things up.

  2. Kevin

    Very good instructions on care, my wife and I love it. The microfiber is soft and delicate, and allows for plenty of room for our adventures.

    The only thing that wasn’t mentioned was the advertisement on the boxing, which had a picture of two females in lingerie in embrace on top of the blanket. I didn’t have a problem using the product, but definitely keep this in mind if you have kids!

    • MarriedDance

      Kevin, We’re glad you like the product, and I’m sorry about the advertisement. Liberator is supposed to remove all advertising before shipping our orders. I’ll remind them of that.

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