Dame Pom Squishy Clitoral Vibrator

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Engulf your clitoris with broad or pinpoint, rumbly stimulation from Pom’s powerful motor and medical-grade silicone coating. This versatile layon vibrator is great for enhancing foreplay or lovemaking.

Learn more about this marital aid’s features and how it can be used to enhance intimacy in your marriage bed below.

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Tips on Using the Pom Vibrator

Here are some of our favorite Christian tips for using this clitoral vibrator to spice up sexy time.

  • Foreplay: Use Pom’s pointed tip to provide focused clitoral stimulation or the vibrator’s backside to provide broad vulva stimulation during foreplay activities.
  • Intercourse: Press this marital aids curved tip against your clitoris while making love to your husband and enjoy its powerful, rumbly stimulation. This works great in some man-on-top or from-behind sex positions.

Get more tips on using a clitoris cuddler vibrator to enhance lovemaking in your marriage bed.

More Information

Pointed, Flexible Tip: Pom includes a pointed tip that provides pinpoint stimulation to your clitoris. The body of this marital aid is flexible, so it curves to your body while in the palm of your hand.

Powerful Stimulation: It has a mighty, high-quality motor that vibrates in a rumbly, deep frequency that penetrates deep into your body for maximum pleasure.

Body-Safe Material: This vibrator is coated in medical-grade, smooth silicone that feels great against your skin.

Easy Controls: The intuitive controls make cycling through its 5 vibration patterns and 5 speeds easy, so you can concentrate on enjoying the ride instead of fumbling with complex controls.

Waterproof: This sex toy is 100% waterproof so that you can take the fun with you in the bathtub or shower. The waterproof design also makes it easy to clean.

Rechargeable: Pom is rechargeable via a magnetic USB cable plugged into any computer or USB wall adapter.

1 review for Dame Pom Squishy Clitoral Vibrator

  1. juriport (verified owner)

    I really wanted to like this, but my model I got I think was defective. It didn’t come precharged which was fine so I charged it. The instructions said it would take about two hours or so but even after twenty four hours it didn’t fully charge. I then tried to see if it would still work partially charged so I tried turning it on like what the instructions said and it wouldn’t turned on. I even checked to see if it was in travel lock mode and deactivate it if it was, which it wasn’t. I then thought maybe the wall adapter I charged it with was bad so I tried one I knew was fast and reliable based on how fast it always charged our phones and left it there for another full 24 hours and it still wouldn’t charge and work at all.

    I am not sure if the battery on the one I have is defective, but I am really disappointed because I have heard good things about this vibrator, but I can’t even get it to work.

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