We-Vibe Touch Waterproof Rechargeable Clitoris Cuddler Vibrator

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The We-Vibe Touch layon vibrator has a silky soft cup that caresses your clitoris and stimulates it with deep, satisfying rumbling vibrations. It’s completely waterproof, rechargeable, powerful, and made of medical-grade silicone.

Learn more about this marital aid’s features and functions below, or get tips on using a clitoris cuddler vibrator to enhance lovemaking in your marriage bed.

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How do I use the We-Vibe Touch?

It’s rechargeable, so make sure it gets a full charge before playtime. Press the power button to turn it on, and then cycle through its eight powerful rumbling vibration modes.

The We-Vibe Touch Clitoris Cuddler can be used as a great Christian intimacy sexual aid by stimulating her clitoris during foreplay and intercourse. Women use the We-Vibe Touch to press it against their clitoris during missionary-style sex positions for lots of extra stimulation during intercourse.

Get more tips on using a clitoris cuddler vibrator to enhance lovemaking in your marriage bed.

Ensure your We-Vibe Touch Clitoris Cuddler and all of your marital aids have a long, productive life by thoroughly cleaning them after every use. We highly recommend using antibacterial cleaner or warm water and soap to clean your marriage toys and let them air-dry overnight.


  • Sculpted, soft, and sensuous
  • Silky-soft, medical-grade silicone
  • 100% waterproof
  • 90-minute recharge
  • 8 vibration modes
  • Low-power alert indicator
  • 1-button pleasure control
  • Powerful, quiet vibrations
  • Body-safe – free from phthalates, latex, and BPA
  • Eco-friendly – carbon-neutral, rechargeable battery and recyclable packaging
  • rechargeable battery and recyclable packaging
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy soap-and-water cleanup
  • External use only

UPC: 839289015609

2 reviews for We-Vibe Touch Waterproof Rechargeable Clitoris Cuddler Vibrator

  1. Strawberry (verified owner)

    Feels good and helps take the pressure off my husband and I to make me climax during intercourse (which then actually makes it more possible that I will also climax during intercourse).

  2. LZ (verified owner)

    We bought the Touch at the same time as another clitoral vibrator as our first sex toys of any kind. It didn’t take long for it to become my wife’s favorite and our go-to in almost every sexual encounter.

    The Touch is ergonomic, quiet, soft, and gives strong and RUMBLY vibrations that provide broad stimulation and penetrate deep into the body, which my wife loves. We have owned it for almost two years now and used it almost 250 times. Over that time, the battery life has shortened a bit, but it is still largely sufficient (roughly 1 hr at the highest setting). There have been a few times where the battery died before my wife climaxed, which is frustrating but probably not an issue for most people, as she can take a really long time during her Luteal Phase.

    Prior to the vibrators, my wife had never had an orgasm in over 12 yr of being married. While we used the other one first and that’s what got her the first O, the Touch is the one that we use all the time now and is very reliable–she O’s effectively every session, occasionally getting a second. We primarily use the Touch during simultaneous PIV, with her controlling the vibrator. As a backup, I can use my fingers for internal stimulation instead. Using the Touch this way often gets my wife blended orgasms that are much more satisfying for her than clitoral-only O’s (though those are good too!)

    Pros: Almost everything. Just read the above. This thing is really well built and a high-quality item. It’s completely revolutionized our sex life.

    Cons: The Touch just has one button, so you have to cycle through the settings if you overshoot. The pattern settings are largely unused, except we do use the wave function. Also, its size is bigger than a bullet vibe, so it gets in the way (at least for us) during simultaneous PIV for some positions, particularly missionary but also cowgirl. Oh, and you’ll read in places that the charging magnet is weak. While true, it hasn’t caused us any issues–just charge on a solid surface.

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