Snail Vibe Dual Stimulation Vibrator


Snail Vibe simultaneously stimulates your clitoris, vagina, and g-spot with its innovative, patented design that keeps the clitoral stimulator pressed against your clit at all times.

Don’t let the vibrator’s odd shape deter you. Snail Vibe was created by professionals, and its design is based on scientific research.

Learn more about this sex toy’s features and functions and get tips for using this vibrator to enhance foreplay below.


Snail Vibe Features and Functions

Innovative, Patented Design: SnailVibe’s clever odd shape provides powerful, continuous vibration on your clitoris while providing vaginal and g-spot stimulation from the vibrator at the end of its shaft as it goes in and out.

Snail Vibe Dual Stimulation Vibrator Demonstration

Stimulation: It has two motors. One is located in the external clitoral stimulator, and the other is located at the end of the internal stimulator. It uses four buttons to control five vibration modes and five vibration speeds for each mode.

Quiet Operation: This vibrator is quiet compared to many vibrators.

Rechargeable: It’s rechargeable via a USB cable and lasts for about 1 hour on a full charge. It takes 2 hours to charge fully.

Waterproof: This sex toy is IP67 waterproof and can be used in the shower or bathtub. The waterproof design also makes it easy to clean.

Body Safe: This marital aid is made using smooth, soft silicone that feels amazing against your skin.

Size: Get help picking the right size vibrator for you.

How to Use the Snail Vibe Vibrator

Here’s some inspiration for using this vibrator to enhance intimacy during foreplay with your spouse. Learn more about how Christians should use sex toys in a moral way.

Orgasmic Foreplay: Use the Snail Vibe sex toy with a generous amount of water-based lube on the shaft and clitoral stimulator simultaneously stimulate your wife’s clitoris, vagina, and g-spot during foreplay.

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