Tingling Tongue Waterproof Finger Vibrator


The Tingling Tongue Finger Vibrator fits on your finger, and its long soft vibrating tongue tickles all the right spots. Use it during foreplay or intercourse to stimulate your clitoris. Learn more about the Tingling Tongue below.

Learn more about using a finger vibrator to add intimacy to your marriage bed.


More Details About the Tingling Tongue Finger Vibrator

Slip the Tingling Tongue Vibrator on your finger and let it wander. Its long soft flickering tongue feels great against nipples, your clitoris, and even his testicles. It’s waterproof so you can take the fun with you in the shower or tub.

Tips on Using the Tingling Tongue

The Tingling Tongue is a great Christian sex toy for couples who want to add intimacy to their marriage beds. Here are a few popular tips on using this marital aid to enhance lovemaking.

  • Clitoral stimulation during intercourse: Use the vibrator to stimulate your clitoris during intercourse.
  • Foreplay: Let the vibrator’s long soft tongue wander to all of your spouse’s erogenous zones during foreplay.

Tingling Tongue Specifications

  • Length: 2 inches to finger hole, 3.75 full length
  • Width: .5 inch to .75
  • Circumference/Girth: 1.25 inches to 2.75 inches
  • Material: TPR
  • Functions: Multi-speed
  • Powered by: 3 Cell Batteries (included)
  • Special Features: Multi-speed, Waterproof

UPC: 677613997555


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