Gigi 2 Rechargeable Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator

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The Gigi 2 includes a curved, flattened tip that accurately targets your g-spot, making it the most popular g-spot vibrator of all time!

Insertable Length: 3.7 in. Width: 1.5 in.



More Details About the Gigi 2 G-spot Vibrator

Gigi 2 is a powerful, whisper-quiet g-spot vibrator that vibrates in 8 amazing patterns. It’s rechargeable, waterproof, and made using high-quality silicone. It also includes a 1-year warranty, so your investment is protected.

Tips on Using Gigi 2

The Gigi 2 is a great Christian sex toy for couples who want to add intimacy to their marriage beds. Here are a few popular tips on using this marital aid to enhance lovemaking.

  • G-spot stimulation. Use the vibrator to stimulate her g-spot during foreplay. It’s a great addition to cunnilingus too!
  • Clitoral stimulation. Its flat tip is also useful for stimulating her clitoris during foreplay or intercourse.

Get more tips on using a g-spot vibrator to enhance lovemaking in your marriage bed.

Gigi 2 Specifications

  • Materials: ABS Plastic / Silicone
  • Finish: Glossy / Matte
  • Weight: 79g / 2.8oz.
  • Battery: Li-Ion 920mAh 3.7V
  • Charging: 2hrs at 5.0V 500mA
  • User Time: Up to 4hrs
  • Standby: Up to 90 days
  • Frequency: 100Hz
  • Max Noise Level: <50dB
  • Contents: GIGI 2, Charger, Satin Storage Pouch, 1-year Warranty.

2 reviews for Gigi 2 Rechargeable Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator

  1. Kate

    Overall, this is a high-quality well-made product. Large variety of settings for intensity and type of pulsing. Has worked great for a long time except for one major annoyance: the buttons are not logically laid out and not very responsive to being pressed. This makes it difficult to adjust the settings during use especially if you’re using it on your partner and can’t tell whether anything changed.

  2. James

    When it works, it does its job well. It has a continuous mode, 3 pulse modes, 3 escalator modes, and a randomized teaser mode (a favorite for my wife). The up-down buttons can be held down to smoothly increase or decrease intensity. It comes with two big drawbacks, however. It needs to be recharged every 3 days or it will be reliably dead when we go to use it. Even if it was fully charged on Monday and never used, by Thursday it will be dead. No battery problems while using it, it just has a slow leak when turned off. This is a major problem for a product this expensive. The second drawback is a breathtakingly short charger cable: it’s about 2 feet long, which makes recharging a pain (and you will be recharging it a lot).

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