Foreplay in a Row Sex Game for Couples

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Foreplay in a Row is an adult version of the classic Connect 4 game. Play this sex game with your spouse and spice up foreplay.

Learn how to play this game and enhance foreplay in your marriage bed.

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How to Play the Foreplay in a Row Sex Game

Each player has 21 chips—blue chips for the man and pink chips for the woman. Each chip has a foreplay activity printed on it.

Each spouse takes a turn dropping a chip in the chipboard. The first spouse to get four chips aligned in a row wins. The losing spouse must perform at least one activity from the winning row on their spouse. If nobody wins, the game ends in a draw and starts over.

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1 review for Foreplay in a Row Sex Game for Couples

  1. Anthony (verified owner)

    Another fun game. Although we didn’t follow the rules correctly. We just dropped random chips and the winner got the prize so to speak

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