Becoming More Sexually Engaged – A Course For Christian Wives

Recapture that “honeymoon” feeling. Are you a Christian wife who struggles to be sexually engaged in your marriage?

This course will help by

  • Breaking down your unhealthy mental barriers about sex
  • Learning about your husband’s desire for you
  • Help you be more willing to accept him, and yourself, as sexual beings
  • If you have a desire to become more sexually engaged but are not quite sure how to start, this is the course for you.

Learn more about this online course and how it can help you make the best love you can make below.


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Who gives this course?

Jay Dee at Learn more about Jay.

What you’ll get with the course

  • A lesson every other day for 2 months designed to help improve your ability, willingness and desire to be more sexually engaged in your marriage
  • 7 challenges throughout the course to help you grow and change your relationship
  • Bonus lessons for those wives who really want to stretch themselves
  • An online community of Christian wives to help support you as you grow
  • This course contains the following lessons

Module 1 – Acceptance: Being more open to your husband’s advances
For many wives, the first step to becoming more sexually engaged is simply to start accepting their husband’s advances.

This module will focus on:

  • Understanding what sex means to your husband, what he’s really saying when he says he wants to have sex
  • Understanding that sex is a part of a larger cycle in your marriage, how your sex life is either helping or hurting
  • Understanding the Bible’s counsel about sex, our duties and rights as spouses.

Module 2 – Learning to get naked with your husband

Wives often feel a sense of shame about their bodies and nudity, even with their husband.

This module will focus on:

  • Biblical teaching on beauty and worth
  • Information to help you understand what your husband sees when he sees you naked
  • Encouraging you and help to address the fears you have about your body
  • Ways to ease into getting naked in front of your spouse

Module 3 – Learning to communicate about and during sex

One of the hardest things to talk about is sex. We grow up with so many false teachings about it being taboo to talk about, about sex being a dirty word. It’s hard to suddenly switch when we get married and communicate effectively about sex. No wonder talking about sex is difficult at best, and paralyzing for many.

This module will focus on:

  • Teaching you basic communication and conflict management skills to give you a foundation
  • Learning to apply those skills in communicating about sex.
  • Learning about communicating during sex (but not dirty talk, that’s coming later)

Module 4 – Learning to get excited about sex

It’s time to awaken a passion for sex inside of you.

This module will focus on:

  • The reasons God created sex according to the Bible
  • A quick look at Song of Solomon to learn more about what a passionate wife looks like
  • Exploring what husbands say they want to see from their wives when it comes to being passionate about sex

Module 5 – Learning to initiate sex

One of the things we hear the most from husbands is that they wish their wives would initiate sex more often. To them, this is a clear sign that they are more sexually engaged. But initiating sex can be a daunting thought for many wives.

This module will focus on:

  • What initiating sex means to your husband and what your husband is looking for
  • Issues around switching gears
  • How to get in the mood for sex, or at least into a mood that will allow you to transition to sex easier

Module 6 – Making sure monogamy isn’t monotony

The next step in the journey is to bring a little more adventure into the marriage bed. Adventure requires risk, and risk requires stepping outside of your comfort zone.

This module will focus on:

  • The risk and reward hormones that our brains produce
  • Encouraging you to explore your boundaries and the reasons for them
  • Helping you shed boundaries that are not helpful
  • How to keep things interesting in the bedroom

Module 7 – How to fit intimacy into a busy life

If you’re new at being a sexually engaged wife, one struggle can be making time for sex.

This module will focus on:

  • Biblical advice for time management and adding buffer to your life
  • Practical tips to finding time in your busy life
  • A discussion on scheduling sex

Bonus module: Your husband won’t know what hit him

This module is a bonus for those who want to push the limits. We’re going to introduce some topics that might be “kinky” to some. For those who really want to “wow” their husbands, we have some things that are sure to heat up the bedroom.


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