Melt: Massage for Couples

A great massage can lead to great sex. Learn from a professional massage therapist, Denis Merkas. A complete guide of massage techniques from beginner to advanced.

Learn more about this online course and how it can help you make the best love you can make below.


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Each course is more advanced than the next one. Growing as you get better. Each course has its own massage routine included where we bring all the techniques learned together into one beautiful massage.

This massage course is a 3-part series. Each series is designed for a specific purpose.

PART 1 RELAXATION TECHNIQUES: Explore intimacy, connection. & relaxation. Great for anniversary / b’day / date night / foreplay

PART 2 KNOTS AND TENSION: This series teaches you therapeutic massage & muscle release. Your partner will frequently say things like “hmm” and “ahh“

PART 3 DEEP TISSUE TECHNIQUES: Advanced techniques – they’re deep, focused, and on areas of tension. This course ends with a 30-min massage.


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