Boost Your Libido!

Learn to start loving–and anticipating–sex again, and make your marriage rock! In this course, we’ll learn what libido is, and how we can use our brains and our bodies to get excited about our husbands!

Learn more about this online course and how it can help you make the best love you can make below.


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Do you find chocolate and a bubble bath a lot more enticing than making love to your husband? This 10-module video-based course has lots of information and awesome exercises that will get YOU anticipating sex more!

Most women think that if they’re not rarin’ to go–if they don’t feel like panting–then they must not be “in the mood”. And soon they start to worry that they really don’t want sex very much. But what if I told you that libido for women doesn’t tend to act like that? And when we stop waiting for our bodies to tell us, “I’m ready to go!”, and start learning to THINK differently and read our bodies differently, suddenly everything in marriage can fall into place.

The Boost Your Libido course will teach you:

  • How what we think impacts our libido
  • How our hormones, diet, and exercise impact our libido
  • How to love our bodies–so that we can enjoy them!
  • How to get over past hurts and see sex as a good thing
  • And what to do if sex is just kinda boring. Or doesn’t feel that great. Or really doesn’t rev your engines!

Each of the 10 Modules in the Course Has:

  • A funny and informative video
  • A “fact sheet” to help you learn about different aspects of libido
  • Links to tons of extra resources so you can learn more about each subject
  • A brainstorming exercise to start changing your perspective immediately
  • An exercise to do to start turning the heat up!


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