Under the Bed Restraint System


Take sexy time to a new level with a bed restraint kit. It’s a huge turn on the giver and the receiver will love. Great for use during foreplay or sex.

Learn more about these sex restraints’ features and get ideas on how they can be used to spice up your marriage bed in a God-honoring way below.

Note About Bondage (BDSM): Like almost any item sold in this store, this product can be used in ways that are not God-honoring. We sell this product with the intention that it’ll be used by two consenting adults in ways that don’t harm or degrade anyone. Learn more.


Tips on Using the Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System

Here are a few of our favorite Christian tips for using this bed restraint system to spice up sexy time.

For some people, being tied up while their partner has their way with them is a HUGE turnon. It’s really fun for the giver and receiver! This bed restraint system can be used along with some awesome cunnilingus and blowjob foreplay techniques or your favorite sex toys during foreplay, or during intercourse.

More Information

Fits Any Size Mattress: This adjustable bed restraint system fits any size mattress. Your spouse’s hands and feet can be restrained from the head and foot of the mattress or from the sides of the mattress.

Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System Demonstration Illustration

Discreet Storage: Stuff the straps and cuffs between the mattress and box spring to easily hide the restraints. Quickly and easily pull them out when it’s time for some spicy playtime.

Travel Friendly: The straps and cuffs travel easily and are great for an adventurous weekend getaway.

Includes: 4 comfortable, velcro wrist/ankle cuffs (fits 4 – 12 inch wrists/ankles), 1 connector strap 60 inches, 4 straps 60 inches each


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