Naughty or Nice Adult Game


Creative Conceptions Naughty Or Nice includes three games. That’s How We Roll, Stuck On You, and Date Nights. Details about the games are below.

Learn more about this sex toy’s features and get tips for using this adult game to enhance foreplay and sex below.

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How to Play Naughty or Nice

Stuck On You: Turn your bodies into a sexy board game. Place the numbered action stickers on your favorite erogenous zones. Take turns rolling the die to see which spot receives special attention.

Naughty Or Nice: This game has six date scratch cards that feature 12 ideas for impromptu date nights. Six are nice, and six are naughty.

That’s How We Roll: 72 fun things to do together. Half are nice, and half are naughty. Choose an appropriate card for the occasion, roll the die, and let it decide what treat you’ll receive.


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