Pleasure Island Adult Board Game

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Pleasure Island is a sex board game for couples where you take turns charting a course of pleasure and adventure.

Learn more about how to play this sex game and enhance intimacy in your marriage bed below.

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How to Play the Pleasure Island Sex Game

  1. Each spouse takes a turn rolling the dice and moving their token from the pirate ship along the path to the Finish X.
  2. When a player lands on a square, the couple must perform the activity of that square.
  3. If a player lands on a Pleasure Chest or Prisoner of Love square, they must draw a card from the corresponding pile and perform it on their lover.
  4. The player who reaches the Finish first decides if the game keeps going or if it’s time for lovemaking.

Game Contents: 2 Game Tokens, 1 Game Die, 22 Pleasure Chest Cards, 22 Prisoner of Love Cards, and 1 Game Board.

3 reviews for Pleasure Island Adult Board Game

  1. pkwhite64 (verified owner)

    We really enjoyed playing this game. There were plenty of creative “tasks” to perform throughout the game and kept it exciting. Can’t wait for another “game night”!!

  2. Anthony (verified owner)

    My wife and I really liked this game although she did draw a card that she said she would/could not do. And that was the toe sucking. Other than that it was really fun.

  3. Dr. Smith (verified owner)

    This little game is just as cheesy as it looks, but it’s still awesome. It involves some basic foreplay activities, sensuality experiences like massage or teasing, oral sex, fantasy play, and also gives plenty of opportunity for creative license. There is some mild bondage, but very lighthearted and playfully approached. The pirate theme is super fun (and right up the fetish alley for anyone even remotely turned on by envisioning their beloved in a tricorn hat and swashbuckler boots). My husband and I really enjoyed our first playthrough. We feel very blessed with a vibrant sex life, and this was helpful to get us to change up the order of operations, slow down and savor the more basic things, and just be silly together. We may have broken the game rules a few times to complete our own side quests. ? (So we technically both “won”). We would recommend this game for couples to just enjoy playing together, to mix things up, help you maybe try some new activities, discover more what you both enjoy, and to bring more fun into the marriage bed.

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