Pleasure Island Couple’s Sex Game

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Chart a course to Pleasure Island where Fantasy and Pleasure awaits. Set sail for an Island adventure that's sure to give you the PLEASURE you desire.

Players move their game tokens through a tropical Island full of romance and passion. Each square holds its own adventure. As your tokens land on the squares, you and your spouse must perform the activities listed. If a player lands on either a Pleasure Chest or a Prisoner of love square, he or she must draw a card from the corresponding card pile and perform the activity listed on the card. Once the activity is completed, the card is returned to the bottom of the deck and play continues. The player that completes the game first, by landing on the X, can choose to keep the game going by selecting two cards from each pile and performing the activities.

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1 review for Pleasure Island Couple’s Sex Game

  1. pkwhite64 (verified owner)

    We really enjoyed playing this game. There were plenty of creative “tasks” to perform throughout the game and kept it exciting. Can’t wait for another “game night”!!

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