Romantic Recipes Couple’s Sex Game

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The quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach! Spice up your relationship with a year of 52 recipe cards for romantic meals together. Many recipes include foods believed to be aphrodisiacs, such as; strawberries, chilies, rosemary, and chocolate. Others help create meals that are visually stunning, aromatically romantic, and intimate to share. Includes recipes for 27 sumptuous suppers, 7 aphrodisiac appetizers, 8 delectable desserts, and 10 savory side dishes.

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1 review for Romantic Recipes Couple’s Sex Game

  1. juriport (verified owner)

    The recipe directions are easy to follow and they have some helpful comments on the bottom like how to serve them and other information, but I do think the pictures that show the finished product are a bit unprofessional looking and don’t always look the most appetizing I also hate that there is intimate encounters plastered over each card which make it less discreet. Also, the cards are kind of glossy which makes it harder to write recipe notes on them, but it is not impossible. I found that the ingredients are relatively easy to substitute if you have a good working cooking knowledge like replacing the peanut butter for the thai chicken recipe with another nut butter since I am allergic to peanuts. Most of the pasta recipes are really good including the one with grapes and goat cheese which surprised us. The aphrodisiac appetizers were okay, but didn’t really work for us like they said they would as aphrodisiacs for us so your mileage may vary. With exception of a few sides like the loaded potato casserole and mushroom risotto, most of the sides were pretty bland for our tastes and nothing to write home about. What I think really makes this collection of recipes shine is the entrees and especially desserts, they are very good and I would make them on special occasions. For that reason, I would give it four stars since the entrees and desserts we tried are good enough to make up for the flaws, but still not enough to give it a full five start rating.

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