Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation Waterproof Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

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The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation Focused Clitoral Stimulator is the latest version of the Satisfyer Pro 2. It uses gentle suction and pulses of pressure waves to stimulate your clitoris instead of direct vibration.

Learn more about this marital aid’s features and functions below, or get tips on using a pressure wave stimulator to enhance lovemaking in your marriage bed.


More Details About the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation Focused Clitoral Stimulator cups your clitoris and engulfs it with heavenly stimulation using gentle suction and rapid pulses of pressure waves. It stimulates using eleven pulsation patterns and can be used in or out of the water. It’s rechargeable and includes a USB charging cable.

Tips on Using the Satisfyer Pro 2

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is a great Christian sex toy for couples who want to add intimacy to their marriage beds. Here are a few popular tips on using this marital aid to enhance lovemaking.

  • Clitoral stimulation during intercourse. Get into a sex position where you have room to place the Satisfyer Pro 2 over your clitoris during intercourse and use it to stimulate your clitoris during intercourse.
  • Foreplay. Use this marital aid to bring your wife to multiple orgasms during foreplay.

Get tips on using this pressure wave stimulator to enhance lovemaking in your marriage bed.

Dimensions: Length: 6.5″ Width: 1.8″ Height: 2.6″

UPC: 4049369015030

10 reviews for Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation Waterproof Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

  1. Gstofer (verified owner)

    She loved it! Everything I read was true.

  2. Sarah (verified owner)

    Since I’ve had health challenges over the past several years, it’s been difficult to reach an orgasm. With this product, I’m pretty much guaranteed to have one which is definitely a far cry from where I was at before!

    Noteworthy features:

    -It truly is quiet. You know how some toys *say* they’re quiet, but they’re not? You know, like they sound like an electric toothbrush even though they’re advertised as discreetly quiet? This one definitely is what it claims to be in that area which is pretty important if it’s not just you and your spouse in the home.

    -I like that it has pressure waves and not direct vibrating stimulation. I think this is probably the reason why it’s easier for me to have multiple orgasms. I had five in one sitting! Seriously, I didn’t even know that was possible!

    -The different modes are a great feature.

    In short, this has helped me to have increased libido and has actually given me an orgasm which is pretty challenging for me. If you’re a woman or a man shopping for his wife, this is a great addition to spice up the bedroom.

  3. JohnThunderr

    My wife really likes this. She often has a hard to reaching an orgasm, even with other toys. With this she is able to orgasm almost 100% of the time.

  4. doresko1 (verified owner)

    The Satisfier Pro 2 works wonders. The multiple speeds makes using this toy really fun. My husband and I will no longer have sex that leaves me frustrated. I could wish I’d ordered it long ago but I’d rather just be happy I have guaranteed fun from here on out.

  5. Mamasnotidle (verified owner)

    We’ve used other clitoral stimulators and i had such great reviews and this one we’ve tried it several times…. It’s not doing it

    I hate that you won’t know until you drop money into it and now we have this sitting around and won’t be using it

  6. Dr. Smith (verified owner)

    This handy little toy is both very gentle and very intense. Once you get it positioned correctly right over the clitoris, you don’t need to do anything except hold it there lightly. My husband greatly enjoys turning up the intensity from level 1 to 10 (or instructing me to turn it up) and getting me overwhelmed. Level 3 or 4 is probably plenty to bring most wives to orgasm quickly. The nice thing is that there is really no pressure or friction with this toy, so it’s a great way for husbands to give wives intense climaxes even on days when one or both partners need a break from too much friction or muscle strain. This can also be used during intercourse with positions that leave space between husband and wife’s abs, but gets in the way with close front-to-front positions. Also if there is hefty thrusting going on, it can be difficult to keep this toy positioned properly. But it’s super for foreplay, during more open-spaced and gentle intercourse, or to help the wife finish up after intercourse if he’s spent. Definitely a “work smarter, not harder” toy, very powerful, and worth the money.

  7. superpro (verified owner)

    I have to say this has become my wife’s now absolute favorite toy. All the reviews are very accurate and this will bring her to orgasm very quick. We have used this toy almost exclusively and it has not failed to satisfy her yet. Use before intercourse or during intercourse to help her reach her orgasm. Fantastic toy for any occasion. We highly recommend this toy for any couple.

  8. Christie

    I went from being difficult to orgasm to easy to orgasm. With other toys it could take me up to an hour to climax. This one had me going easily in under 10 minutes. I love it also because it’s easier for my husband to use on me: just hold it gently over my clitoris and turn up the volume. No adjustments needed 🙂

  9. Momma Dee (verified owner)

    Does what it says. Gentle but effective especially for menopausal female with lower libido. Requires some talking and prayerful consideration as to when/ how often it will be used. Very easy to get the wife used to quick and easy O instead of working together as a loving couple. Ours had to be put up out of sight betweentimes because it was too easy to grab for solo use to relieve tension.

  10. Kathleen (verified owner)

    This is our new favorite toy. What I like best about it is that it only has one pattern of vibration, and the intensities start very low. Most other vibrators are too intense for me. Also, having the source of the vibration be within the suction top means its doesn’t buzz my husband’s hand. The controls are easy to adjust without looking during the course of stimulation; the controls are easy to feel under your fingers. We find toys with multiple vibration patterns that you have to click through distracting, especially if we want to stop and start. It works wonderfully for clitoral and nipple stimulation, but also along the edges of my genitals. My husband loves the pulses too.

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